Ultra-Agent (UTA) Express

Ultra-Agent (UTA) Express 2.61

UTA is a mobile PIM ideal for managing favorites, emails, addresses,...

UTA is a mobile PIM ideal for managing favorites, emails, addresses, online accounts, notes, etc, and l for moving them with removable storage as a facilitated mobile Office.

And its Info Remarking and Attaching technology especially simplify info management. 1) Powerful Mobility: Users can install UTA in removable storages, and then take all their favorites, emails, browser and addresses anywhere.

2) Featured Favorites: Users can easily save bookmarks, notes, files and web short-cut logins into UTA Favorites and add remarks to each item.

3) Powerful Browser: UTA supports multi-view browse, have specified windows lockup, and can shield pop-up ad. , and leave no trail of Internet history (URL and favorites) on PC.

4) Mobile Email: Users can manage Web mail with shortcut login-in (trial) and POP mail with adding notes function at the same time. 5) Multi-media Addresses: Users can import Outlook addresses, classify addresses, save all contact info, and greatly add remarks and attach all kinds of files such as photos to each contact.

6) Useful Notepads: Users can easily collect and manage segments of WebPages, for sometimes we do not want to save whole web pages. 7) Short-cut Login: Single login to multiple password protected web sites, including email, chat, BBS etc.

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Ultra-Agent (UTA) Express


Ultra-Agent (UTA) Express 2.61

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